So it begins

Nothing like getting kicked in the butt by ring asked “so are you actually gonna do a podcast?” to get our procrastinatey butts in motion.   However, we’ve done it.  Our first podcast is up. Our website is kinda up.

We had so many episodes completed last season, but Shawn listened.  And deleted.  I refuse to listen as I don’t really want to know how bad we are.   New season and now we don’t have a choice, we must charge on!

Shawn is the one who can be eloquent, charming and engaging (when he wants to be) and I’m the task master who nags to get things done.  Yet I’m the one blogging.

We both have a long love affair with footie.   We both have been disillusioned by our respective teams and together we found a new team that reflects the values we both have.   So give us a listen.  Be constructive with your feedback as we look forward to learning about our new team and how to get a podcast going

And that’s the way we like it, we like it, we like it,  oooooohhhhhh


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