What A Week

We never bothered with a blogpost last week as time just got away from us.   It’s been a crazy busy week and it was Shawn’s birthday as well!

We were ecstatic over last week’s win.  It was quite a physical game and I’ve always considered the English game to be more physical than most of Europe.   Or maybe I’m just biased.  I enjoy a physical match with a bit of tussle and shoulder to shoulder battling for the ball.  However I don’t want to have that at the expense of either team sustaining an injury such as Gonther’s.  Hopefully he will only be out for a few weeks and not months.

What was sorely missing from our last away game versus the one against Bielefeld is vocal strength of the fans.  Those flags!  Those chants!  The energy!  That surely helped the team win over Bielefeld.

Our tens of listeners should be happy to know that as I am writing this, Shawn is attempting to figure out his birthday present which was a Yeti microphone.  We might sound just a tad more professional on the next pod.  This has been such fun so far, but we are newbies to podcasting despite being lovers of podcasts.  And between schooling and full-time jobs, doesn’t leave much time for learning how to get this all done properly.  We thank everyone for their patience with us!

One thing we are having a hard time with is a bloody theme/intro song.  The royalty free music out there is, well, a thing.  As long as being rather expansive, there is a large number that just sound exactly what it is, royalty free.  So if anyone wants to compose a diddy for us, we’d be appreciative!

Until next time, oooooo,ooooo, allez, allez St Pauli


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