Karlsruhe &Di Canio

Shawn is happily working away on editing our latest podcast episode.  This is our second attempt since the disastrous accidental deleting of our initial recording.  It was so much better!  Shawn said we were even charming!  Oh well – the second iteration will be up soon.

As I said in the episode, the match felt like a movie where you get the feeling  you aren’t going to like the ending.  Either there won’t be closure or it will be a sour ending.  This case felt more like we didn’t have closure.  The first half started off pretty lacklustre, but there were a few moments of excitement with Bouhaddouz starting it off with that header that went directly into the keeper’s hands.  There was some decent pressure, but too many fouls (I really do think we should have made it a drinking game).

The second half was a little bit a *facepalm* for me.  We just let them have too many chances and were too disorganized.  However, I loved hearing our fans which was so sorely missing from the previous away game.  I think we were a little bit lucky to not have it more like 3-1 or so.

We missed doing our “man of the match” in the episode – Shawn was all about Choi (although Miyaichi was a close runner up) and Choi was picked due to his pressure on the Karlsruhe keeper which led to our sole goal.   I would really like to see more of that kind of pressure to force errors.

I really can’t decide on a man of the match.  Can I do an anti-man of the match?  A match nemesis? That would be Nehrig for me.  He likes to commit fouls in key parts of the pitch.  I don’t know if he is just trying to be a hard man or what, but it isn’t working for me.

Now, do we want to talk about Di Canio?  What a mess.   SkyItalia suspends him over The Dux tattoo.  I have a hard time believing that Sky didn’t have any groomers around and he wasn’t cleared to go on the spot dressed as he was which was casually in a short sleeved shirt.  I can more easily see that they’ve just grown too used to the fascist tattoos that Di Canio sports.

However, where do we draw the line at free speech?  Does a tattoo in honour of Mussolini count as hate speech?  Hate speech defined by dictionary.com is “speech that attacks, threatens, or insults a person or group on thebasis of national origin, ethnicity, color, religion, gender, genderidentity, sexual orientation, or disability.”  I don’t see how Di Canio’s tattoo transfers over into that territory so I can defend his right to tattoo that on his body.  That doesn’t mean that he has to be hired though.  Particularly with his very public displays of roman salutes and openly saying that he supports fascism (which seems to waver depending on the mood).  Now that should have made Sky Italia pause in hiring Di Canio, but they refuse to see past the dollar signs that they can make because of Di  Canio’s punditry.   

So, we encourage our listeners and readers to use their right of free speech and reach out to Sky Italia and Di Canio to express how you think this should be handled.

At a quick glance, I couldn’t find any contact information for Mr. Di Canio, but Sky Italia’s contact information can be found here:   Sky Italia Contact

Up next: pouncing on 1860 Munchen this Thursday!





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