Kickin’ It Oldschool

What’s a girl to do when she finds a mega old news tidbit about St Pauli?  Why, share of course.

Can we take a minute to appreciate the shortness of the shorts and those mullets with matching moustaches?   Spectacular.

This is the only clip I’ve looked at, but it does remind me of the current frustrations we have of matches ending in draws, but at least this one wasn’t didn’t feature an early goal against us.

I’ve watched Manchester United since the early 90s and I don’t think I ever went hunting for their history so I know FCSP is special to me when I got excited by finding this video.   I was digging deep on the Internet trying to find out some history of Bundesliga 2 kits.   The initial website where I found the link to the video was questioning if the fans that are seen are the last of the blue collar.    Got me to thinking of what is so bad about evolution and change?   Is it that the “old” fans are scared their club is becoming too popular?

I know some fans might think that the club is selling out (I can certainly see why), but complaining the new legion of fans is another form of xenophobia.   A place for only the elites, the true fans, the ones that have been there from the beginning.  Insiders vs outsiders.   I watched that type of attitude develop at United.   One couldn’t possibly be a true fan if India or Indonesia or Nigeria is home.   One isn’t dedicated enough if one hadn’t been to Old Trafford.    I also watched the absolute vitriol that comes out via social media against teams during Champions League.  The racism against some of the other teams and players was disgusting and cringe worthy.

The anti-racist value that is enshrined in St. Pauli is vital for me and I think the evolution of the club is important.  Keep your values close , share them loudly and with passion.   That’s how we fell in love with this great club.   And what’s wrong with a few more friends to watch footy and drink beer with?   Oh, let’s not forget the flares.

Until next time, “I’d feel alive as part of a team.  St Pauli, here me scream”


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